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Charity of the Year

Charity 2018: For-ethiopia

Every year Bradley & Co choose a charity to support. This year, For-ethiopia is a charity close to our hearts and one we are immensely proud to support.

For-ethiopia, is a Bristol based charity that works to relieve poverty, preserve health and advance education among the needy in Ethiopia. They aim to do this in the most sustainable way possible so that their work helps people move towards self-sufficiency.

For Ethiopia

Small development projects that we would take for granted such as clean water and transport, can help save lives, increase the capacity of local communities by improving health, increasing educational opportunity and creating employment.

The work For-Ethiopia does bring communities together to create a better quality of life. The charity operates on very low overheads. It is run by a team of volunteers who give their time to help achieve its goals. It does not pay salaries, rent expensive offices or hire professional fundraisers, thereby ensuring the money raised goes directly to those in need.

Some of the projects completed include:

  • Water and sanitation projects to provide clean water for over 5,000 people
  • Fitting Solar Fridges for the storage of vaccines
  • Motorcycle Ambulances to help transport pregnant women to the hospital in remote areas.

Scholarships to help girls progress to secondary education and the supply of equipment, books and teaching materials to primary schools.

For more information about the projects, For-ethiopia is involved in visit their website here. They host several events each year including a Barn Dance on 12th October. Tickets are still available to find out more contact.

Donations can be made directly via JustGiving here

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